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What is Activation Group?

Activation Groups on IBM i: Activation group works like a Sub environment which allows sharing the open resources and/or overrides with across programs called in the Activation Group.  Activation groups are one of important concepts on ILE on IBM i and makes it different from OPM in terms of how resources are shared with calling programs.  E.g.: We will consider a scenario of Batch Job which processes pending transactions in a Specific Application.  Driver Program of Batch Job can create Overrides (OVRDBF) and/or Open Query (OPNQRYF) on a file with a set of conditions and calls multiple programs for processing different transactions.  Considering the Overrides are created to share the resources across Activation Group (*ACTGRP), Result set of table (on top of OPNQRYF) would be made available to all the programs called in the specific activation group and avoids the need to perform override in every program. When a program is created, we can choose on how the program needs to be run (in