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OOPs.. Is Java a pure Object Oriented Language?

Object Oriented Programming Object Oriented Programming or OOPs is a programming model which is based on the Objects.  We probably have to talk about the Class before we talk about an Object.  In simple, A class can be considered as a blueprint or template which defines attributes (or variables), members and/or functions containing the behavior of the class. A class doesn't hold or contain any data as is, an instance of the class is to be created to hold and/or process the data.  An Object is an instance of the class, which by default contains the instance of the variables and/or members defined as part of the class.  Any number of objects can be created from a class and each object occupies separate storage and contains different data.  E.g.: Class is like a blueprint of a house. Object is a house constructed physically based on the blueprint. Any numbers of houses can be constructed with the same blueprint.   Is Java a pure Object Oriented Language?  We can say Java is a Object