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Exception Handling in Python (try - except-else-finally)

Exception Handling in Python Exception handling is key for any programming language. When an exception occurs Python interpreter stops execution further statements in the program.  These exceptions could either be related to the Syntax or Data. There are many Built-in exceptions in Python and we can also define user defined exceptions.  Exception handling in Python can be done by using try - except statements. We can also use else and finally statements depending on how we need to handle the exceptions. Syntax: try:     # Executable statements except:     # Statements to execute in case of exception else:     # Statements to execute in case of no exception  finally:     # Statements to execute irrespective of exception or not Let's have a look at how to use these statements with few simple examples.  try and except try statement should be used in combination of either except or finally. Without these, An exception would occur.  Let's have a look at the simple division by ze