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What happens if Journal Sequence Number reaches its Maximum Value?

Journals on IBM i makes life easier when something goes wrong.  But, What if application starts failing because of Journal Receiver? This can happen in different scenarios. Here is the one scenario I have seen recently.  "Journal sequence number is at the maximum value" As the error suggests, Journal Receiver reached it's maximum sequence number and it cannot log any more entries into Journal.  Maximum allowed sequence number on a Journal receiver is 9,999,999,999.  We will see a bit about when this may occur and How to resolve it. What happens when Sequence Number reaches it's maximum value? Job would throw error ' Entry not journaled to journal &1. Reason code &3 ' (CPF7003) while adding an entry into Journal Receiver. Reason code would be '4' (4 -- Journal sequence number is at the maximum value.) in this case.  There can be two scenarios when this issue occurs. Journal Receiver starts with sequence number '1' and reaches 9,999,999,9