Saturday, September 10, 2016

Working with 5250 Emulator from IBM Navigator for i

The Web based Navigator for i is a new interface for IBM i. This will change the way you look at IBM i completely.

This advanced Set Target System feature lets you manage any IBM i in your environment from a single browser. But its real power is allowing you to use the newest version of the web console against systems at older releases, including IBM i 6.1 and IBM i 5.4.

The web based console now includes a 5250 Emulator for those times when you just need a good old fashioned command-line interface. The integrated DB2 Database has enhancements on both the web-based and Windows based consoles to improve performance analysis and provide more gradual user access.

Speaking of performance, the Performance Data Investigator continues enhancing its visual yet power fun analysis and reporting interface. Journal now provides a full set of options to display and control journal objects.

I felt very excited to see this change happening in IBM i and looking forward for more such enhancements which will benefit the IBM i's end customers as well as developers :-)

Below screenshots will give you quick steps on how to get started with Web navigator for i.

Source : IBM

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