Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Introducing 'Code with PR'

Introducing 'Code with PR'

"Code with PR", A new blog to share my experiences on coding and more as I code and learn. 

Code with PR

I won't make you bored and keep this post very short. 

Why am I starting this blog?
  • Since the start of my career, It's been my interest to participate in Technical forums and help peers. One way this has helped me learn new things.
  • Sharing my thoughts on the issues I faced may help others who might be facing the same.
  • Sharing isn't always one way, I believe I can learn more by sharing and receiving comments or feedback. I hope this would make me better everyday.
On "Code with PR" blog, I intend to share my thoughts on Python and IBM i (RPGLE, CL, DB2...). This could be the basics or latest updates or amendments.

Welcome to "Code with PR" and I hope you would find this blog useful. 

If you have any suggestions or comments, Please leave a comment or email me using the Contact form.

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